Web Service Unit

Web Service Unit

The responsibility of this unit includes Strategic positioning of university web presence and rethinking the strategic strength and positioning of the University in its local /regional and, as far as justified, national or international competitive environment. Content development/upload, management, and storage issues that enables content assets to be more quickly repurposed, repackaged, and delivered into the world wide web to orchestrate interactions with disparate systems currently residing within distinct silos (sub domains), creating a unified, homogeneous system.

The automation of processes as well as downloadable protected content, and any other sources across the University and throughout the content ecosystem. In a collaboration with Google Inc. we are facilitating and increasing the quality and effectiveness of access for e-learning Infrastructure and systems in the University. Application servers managed by the unit includes web and repository servers. Others critical roles include

  • Guiding the university well on ICT matters – To ensure university’s better rooted to make best use of the ICT infrastructure necessary for widespread uptake of eLearning and to promote ICT in teaching or innovation in teaching ( Audio-visual, smart boards , video conferencing technologies etc.) and to support learning in non-traditional ways plus media and library facilities in a coordinated resources and support structure accessible for the whole university community and filling of gaps if they appear.
  • Department Critical Systems – Systems with a localized departmental presence, essential for conducting business processes or delivery of academic content, usually casted as a sub domain.

Recent Projects
The University’s domain name was changed in June 2015 from @karatinauniversity.ac.ke to a shorter version, @karu.ac.ke.  The shorter version is convenient and less cumbersome to use especially for accessing university based email accounts. In line with this adjustment, the University web site is now www.karu.ac.ke. The website has been enriched with more content and regular updates.

Another notable project under this department and that was recently completed with great success is the creation of university domain based email addresses for all staff and students. The email service is a critical tool in internal and external communication for all.