Here the responsibility of System Developers and Information Integrators are for the development and deployment of appropriate application software for information management and archiving of relevant data, and other information resources for use of University management, its organs and the University community .They coordinate and secure all University Information placed in their care and to ensure Security compliance with Standard Information Security Procedures.

Their responsibilities additionally include development and management of a portal for student records administration (online registration, online fees statement and in the near future online student accommodation allocation and online transcripts etc.).They manage the following infrastructure to provide an adequate, relevant and ongoing development programmes to enable staff and students to create, access, manage and disseminate information resources effectively.

  • Portal servers as a unified platform for information resources with university-wide data accessibility presence across various departments or academic units for both the students and staff. These systems, considered business-essential, require a high degree of availability.
  • ERP server that provide an academic records and/or administrative functions that may house Restricted or Sensitive Information. Examples include Human Resource Services, Admissions, Procurement, Audit and Accounting Software Servers etc.

Recent Projects
First year and continuing students were successfully registered on the ERP system at the commencement of the academic year 2015/2016 in September 2015. Room allocation was also carried out in the system.

The student portal has been perfected where Students are now able to register for courses taken in the semester. The system will generate examination cards at the end of the semester, based on the courses picked in the registration.

Current and old exams results are now in the ERP system. This will enable the printing of result slips and transcripts from the system, improving on service delivery to the students.





Michael Gitau 

Ag, ICT Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Karatina University ICT Directorate.

The Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was substantively established in July 2014, under the Office of the Vice Chancellor. The Directorate provides technical, strategic and policy advice on ICT matters and the implementation of various ICT work processes, procedures and other administrative related matters.

Mission of ICT Directorate
 “To make available the best ICT resources for academic and management operation of Karatina University”
Vision of ICT Directorate
“To become a dynamic directorate of ICT excellence propelling Karatina University to world-class status”
Our Core Values

  • Our obligations will be executed with commitment and professionalism
  • The values of integrity and meritocracy will guide all directorate activities
  • We will maintain a sense of self respect, discipline and responsibility
  • We commit ourselves to the practice of teamwork
  • We embrace efficacy and excellence


Help Desk


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P.O. BOX 1957—10101, Karatina, Kenya.

Tel: (+254) 20 2176 713

Mob: (+254) 729 721 200
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