First year and continuing students were successfully registered on the ERP system at the commencement of the academic year 2015/2016 in September 2015. Room allocation was also carried out in the system.

The student portal has been perfected where Students are now able to register for courses taken in the semester. The system will generate examination cards at the end of the semester, based on the courses picked in the registration.

Current and old exams results are now in the ERP system. This will enable the printing of result slips and transcripts from the system, improving on service delivery to the students.

Since the establishment of the University, the uptake of internet bandwidth has increased tremendously. In September 2015, in conjunctions with KENET (Kenya Education Network), the total capacity was increased from a mere 35 Mbps to 115Mps. This has positively impacted on the university community where the staff and students can now conveniently access online resources for their studies and research.

The University’s main Campus is connected to the Internet via a high capacity radio infrastructure with a potential to deliver up to 1000Mbps. The radios are mounted on a 60 foot tower that was constructed in early 2015 by KENET

The University’s domain name was changed in June 2015 from to a shorter version,  The shorter version is convenient and less cumbersome to use especially for accessing university based email accounts. In line with this adjustment, the University web site is now The website has been enriched with more content and regular updates.

Another notable project under this department and that was recently completed with great success is the creation of university domain based email addresses for all staff and students. The email service is a critical tool in internal and external communication for all.

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